i'm back!! so soon, i know. for the past couple of weeks, i have been going to pinterest for summer drinks and summer food inspiration. i have found recipes for roasted corn guacamole with the corn kernels from bbq'd corn ears, and it was heaven. so ridiculous. and then today i came across some shrimp recipes. if you want to follow me on pinterest, my id is Vanessa Burns. here are some pictures from inspiration:



these pictures make me mouth water....OMG!!

nor-cal life...

a couple of weeks ago, here in auburn we had a winter storm right in the beginning of summer. it was raining for two days and one day, it didn't stop raining at all. in the aftermath of the storm, it was 100 degrees or more for a week. now that the heat wave has subsided, we are left with 90 degree temps here in auburn. while the heat wave was here, i had liquids all of the time. i experimented with different frappucino's off of starbucks secret menu. i tried the apple pie, the cotton candy, and the cake batter frapps. all of them of fabulous and heaven and made a dent on the scale for me. OH NO!!

cotton candy frapp.

me modeling my maxi dress i bought a couple of months ago and wore it on the 4th of july.

4th of july sunset in auburn.

mango jalapeno margarita courtesy of pinterest. homemade by me. i went to the grocery store and the limes and the mangos were on sale. major score!!

summer food. nathan's hot dog with sweet relish, chopped onions with a little garlic, and spicy mustard.

happy late 4th and i hope you've enjoyed the pictures and update...

hi!! from pasadena!!

for the past week, i have been in the lovely town of pasadena. last week my dad and i went to several restaurants for happy hour and it was like the best thing ever. i recently discovered the "french 75" cocktail and it's the most refreshing drink ever. so ridiculous. also, i tried out the moscow mule last time i was here in pasadena at setebello pizzeria. another heavenly drink. basically the things i have been doing in pasadena is shopping, eating, sleeping, swimming, and drinking. sounds awesome doesn't it? here are a couple of pictures from the past 6 days..

berry mojito from cafe 140 south. this was the night before father's day and just livin the LA life..

the egg salad sandwich from europane about a block away from the house. it's fresh boiled egg with mayo, chives, salt and pepper, sun-dried tomato spread, and on rosemary currant bread. HEAVEN.

the gamberoni from mi piace in old town pasadena. this place is re-dunk-u-lous. so EPIC.

latte from intelligentsia and macarons from lette.

i'm so blessed my family kinda ended up in pasadena. this place is THE place to be, come FALL, i will be going to a couple of UCLA football games because the stadium is only like 5 minutes away. dont hate because i have been through a lot in the past 2 years and being here is the greatest thing ever.

i'm in PASADENA!!

hi!! monday early in the morning we left auburn, and were off on a roadtrip down the 5. let me tell, the 5 freeway, is so so so boring. the road trip from auburn to pasadena is around 6 and a half hours. when we arrived in pasadena around 12, our first stop was lemonade, of course. we then drove to upland but that's a whole nother story. for the past few days, i have been enjoying the phenomonal weather and just eating like a princess. i love love love pasadena. here are some pics from my auburn, and now, pasadena adventures.

blood orange lemonade and different salads...

hipster coffee from intelligentsia in pasadena. the best lattes in california, by FAR...

suitcase is ready!!!

the california aqueduct on the 5 freeway going south by the pass..

grilled artichoke with meyer lemon aioli (homemade.)

hope you've enjoyed!!

summer affordable fashion...

since living in auburn part time and living in pasadena part time, i am getting exposed to all walks of life all over california. since i'm in auburn most of the time and love shopping, i discovered mccaulous. it's cheap and affordable fashion. mac's carries skater brands and something called ymi jeggings. they are like the greatest thing ever. they make your butt look fab in their jeans. or, maybe it's mine. lol. here are a couple of outfits from maccaulous...and to give you some ideas for warm weather...

billabong anchor top, and ymi white jeggings.

grey cardigan from max, official coca cola shirt, and american eagle high rise jeggings in dark wash.

ucla vspink top, white ymi jeggings, and white max cardigan.

sizzling fajita salad from chevy's here in auburn...

homemade lemonade made with evian, and meyer lemons from the tree on property. we use no chemicals on the tree so basically they are organic. also, i added torani watermelon syrup and it tasted like heaven.

my fab pasadena life...

hi ya'll!! on may 14th, i went to pasadena for 8 days. while i was in pasadena, i ate fabulous food, drank ridiculous cocktails, and enjoyed the pool with the nice summer weather in la county. since i was in pasadena, i had access to a lemonade location. OMG, let me tell you, it's like the greatest thing on the face of the planet in socal. here are pictures from my adventures down in la.

margherita DOC from setebello in pasadena. the best pizza EVER.

pool, summer weather, and evian.

watermelon rosemary and regular lemonade from lemonade in pasadena.

plate of salad from lemonade and red miso shirt rib soup.

summer fashion, food, and drinks...

for the past week or so, i have been really really busy. my dad arrived on thursday and it's been basically non-stop since he got here. monday, tuesday and wednesday were definitely on the low-key side. thursday night, instead of having my dad do his cooking magic we decided to go out. we decided on trattoria milano in grass valley. it was kind of a different environment, mostly snobbish and uppity people dine there. weird. last night we just had a simple dinner of hot dogs and homemade macaroni pasta. tonight my dad went all out and made alton brown's buttermilk fried chicken recipe and it was ridiculous. pictures i post now, are from recent events...




fried chicken.

maxi dress for summer i bought at the local department store here in auburn. everyone loves it...

specialty tonic water with grey goose cherry noir and torani coconut syrup.

wine and blown glass...

this past saturday night, i went to a blown glass "studio". while i really didn't pay attention to the "art" aspect, i was really enjoying the bottle of wine my brother bought from the winery who was pouring wine at the "gathering." the wine was great and the appitizers were excellent. then, the finale at the end of the night was the smore's. we put the marshmallows in the kiln to roast and then sandwiched them between organic thin mint type cookies. HEAVEN HEAVEN HEAVEN.


i got a job!!!

for the past month or so, i have been working at a non-profit here in auburn. i didn't say anything sooner because i really didn't want to jinx it. i'm basically a receptionist and do office duties for the rest of the office for times when the phones are off the hook or we aren't that busy. isn't that awesome>?

i was also a delivery girl for people who are not independent at can't cook because of health problems. so yea, i am slowly growing up but please bear with me because i am going at my pace. i need to speed things along though.

i maybe coming back to so-cal sooner than every believed.

on a healthy kick...

a couple of weeks ago, i started to go to jamba juice again. i started ordering the orange carrot karma and it's heaven. also, a couple of years ago i went to JJ and ordered the apples and greens. i loved it and drank the entire smoothie. they are also known as "green monsters". then, a couple of weeks ago, i discovered that the nugget grocery store in roseville has an organic juice bar. i ordered green juice that included apple, pineapple, celery, bell pepper, spinach and kale. i ordered the small because i was kind of skeptical but i drank and loved it. then, the other day, i went for my usual starbucks in the morning and learned the local bakery has an organic juice bar. today i went and ordered the "iron man" and bought a medium and loved everything about it. the way it's healthy and tastes delish and is so good for you are all advantages in my book. i loved everything about it, even more than the one at nugget. please if you dare your tastes buds for lunch and want something good and filling for your tummy, try green juice. you will not be disappointed. but i do have to admit, it's more of an acquired taste and you pretty much have to love veggies.

green juice- parsley, spinach, kale, apple, cumcumber and ice. no sugar added and everything is organic.

green juice from nugget, also organic.

back to so-cal. pasadena style.
hi!! sorry for the huge absence from this blog but auburn life was getting a little out of hand. last tuesday, i had the opportunity to leave auburn for 9 days. yes, 9 days. while in have been in pasadena, i have been eating amazing food, drinking fabulous coffee, and a little shopping did my little poor heart good. even though today i am leaving, i know i will be back in a month or so. i love the traveling all over california but living out of a suitcase is getting a little old. if i choose anywhere to live, it will definitely be pasadena. I heart pasadena.

in a couple of days i will show you pics but for now, bye!!

auburn life. northern california style.

view from the end of the grapevine going on the 5 north.

shot of the sunset in the middle of nowhere.

macarons from merely sweets in brea. salted caramel and cafe del sel.

homemade penne alla vodka, romaine salad with bleu cheese dressing, texas toast, and heitz 2007 zinfandel. it doesn't get much better than that, seriously though, it doesn't. so EPIC.

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hi everybody!! sorry for not posting and leaving you hangin but i am in the process of officially moving from anaheim to auburn, california. the miles between the two cities is not only one is northern california and the other is southern but, it's 462 miles. so so far. two tourist cities in different parts of the state. anaheim is known for disneyland and crime and shootings and auburn is known for only being an hour away from south lake tahoe. isn't that freakin fantastic??? i am going to become a snowboarder in no time.

a shot from the dining room from the house in anaheim.

the foccocia from fuoco in downtown fullerton.

the response i received on twitter from the australian open twitter account. special moment.


style, fashion, and talk.

hey!! so, remember when i didn't post for like months at a time?? well. i don't know what got in me but i just wasn't feelin it. but, i guess posting makes me sane and makes me feel blessed about my fabulous life in southern california. remember when it was like 55 degrees last week and it felt like hell was freezing over in so-cal because it was so cold? well, here are some of my outfits and food i was indulging in.

root, root for the angels.

endless chips and salsa and queso at chili's in orange.

arugula, beet, and herbed goat cheese salad at the cheesecake factory.

thin fries, truffled ketchup, and jalapeno ranch at umami burger in anaheim.

southern california sunset. EPIC picture.

instalife. southern california style.

pastel yellow jeggings and hawaii tank top for the "heat wave"

gifts i woke up to my birthday morning.

the best key lime martini of my life at spaghettini in seal beach.

birthday champagne

"make a wish" salted butterscotch pudding at spaghettini.

thank you for visting my blog after my hiatus. you are all awesome. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


hello!! for the past week, my family and i have been celebrating my birthday. in the utter madness that has been my celebration since last friday, i have felt so blessed. i could never ever ever ask for a better family, i love them all to pieces. the messages i have received today have brought a smile to my face and just utter joy to me. i also received a message from a person i did not expect and it just made my birthday that much better. we have gone to a couple of restaurants, i received a pair of ray-ban aviators, a tiffany box, and clothes from abercrombie, VSPINK, and tilly's. again, i feel so blessed. i feel like i am the luckiest girl in the world. in the past few weeks, we have felt sadness, and i have had medical issues - so this day just comes at a perfect time. perfect. i know they can't see this, but my facebook friends are pretty awesome and fabulous people.

detour of my LIFE.
on thursday morning i took a shower and told my dad i had the most painful headache of my life. well, here's the deal, i had the headache since my cat died last year on december 26th. i had a headache for 8 days before going to see professional help for it. anyways, i went to the ER at the hospital and to my surprise no one was waiting in the ER thursday morning. it was like a gift from god. so i gave them all of my information and i waited no less than 5 minutes and i was in the ER. while in the ER, i had in IV stuck in my the back of my hand, had an EKG taken, and a brain cat scan to see if any damage was done when i drove home from auburn on wednesday. they also took my blood pressure and it was extremely high. i am talking, 175 over 120. HIGH.HIGH.HIGH. since the blood pressure wasn't going down while i was in the ER, they admitted me. after being in the ER for 5 hours, they finally brought me up to the 4th tower, 4th floor, room 406. guess what?? i was totally near the nursing station and heard the phones ringing all night. FML. the other thing, i had my blood taken 7 times. the nurse that came in around 7, and stayed with me until 5am, was horrible. she stuck me in the back of my hand, with a really huge needle 3 times and it hurt so much. i had other tests taken, and i ended up with HIGH blood pressure, low potassium, and an infection. now i am taking antibiotics, and high blood pressure meds.

i'm getting old...

R.I.P. Ms. Katty.

hi!! on the day after christmas of 2012, my cat, ms. katty passed away from old old age. she came to our house on new years eve of 1993. when she arrived on our front patio, she was 3 or 4 months old. we don't really know because she was a surprise. we have kept her all of this years through all of her ailments and loved her dearly to today we when passed away this morning around 7:45ish. when my dad arrived on thursday, ms. katty walked straight to the room she always went to for "comfort." when she arrived on thursday, and as the days went on, she wasn't eating. and she wasn't going to the litter box. well, since she wasn't eating, i kept her norishment up with a little syringe full of chicken broth. yesterday, i had a slight fight regarding how we were feeding her. well, this morning and her being in the box i posted, her little heart couldn't take it anymore. even though i am sad and remorseful, her health has been deteriorating for the past 6 months. and i haven't been able to really see it because i have been in auburn since november 15th. and thank god for that. as i am writing this, i have a heavy heart and a little tear in my eye but i know she is with java and the 20 little angels we lost in newtown.

good bless her little kitty heart. RIP Ms. Katty- october 1993 to december 26th, 2012.

holiday fun.
hello everyone!! yes, i am still here but right now i am in auburn. i have been in auburn since november 15th. spending the holidays in northern california is nothing like the holidays in anaheim. i miss orange county but THIS is my new life. accept the facts, right? here is some holiday and food cheer...










SFGiants Game 2.





SFGiants are NLCHAMPS!!






nor-cal life...

this past monday morning, i went to get my car serviced. when i was ready to go home from the dealership my dad surprised me with, "we driving to auburn right now." so, then i had to pack my car and do last minute stuff. so, here are some pictures from my life in auburn and pictures from the drive and some meals:






1. the view coming down from the 5 north freeway and looking off into the distance and see the 5 freeway going into a straight line and cars for miles.
2. the route from anaheim to auburn
3. tuesday we went to nevada city and after brunch we went to treats. while at treats i ordered basil and lemon custard ice cream.
4. the road trip collage.
5. the meal we had at lefty's grill in nevada city. sweet potato fries with sweet chipotle sauce. goat cheese, pear, oregano and sweet balsamic vinegar glaze flatbread. with an arnold palmer of course.


life by instagram...






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o.o.t.d. 9.29.12

my outfit...
1. light blue jeggings from abercrombie
2. mint green PINK top from VS.
3. white and black tanks from target.
4. pearl studs
5. black ray-bans
6. rainbow sandals bought at tilly's.


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